Ninija Electric Limited solar services

Solar Powered & Energy Efficient Solutions

Ninija Solar Energy Services delivers superior, customized end-to-end solutions for solar PV plant operations and maintenance for thin film and silicon technology.

We offers a full spectrum of services designed to fit a plant owner’s sourcing strategy, infrastructure and level of expertise in the solar industry.

Discover how Ninija Solar Energy Services achieved 99.6 percent effective


  • Supervising, Controlling and Optimizing Your Plant’s Performance in Real Time.
  • Real-time plant monitoring and control
  • Forecasting and scheduling (in select markets)
  • Utility interface and compliance with regulatory authorities
  • Reporting to investors
  • Warranty administration and advocacy
  • Maintenance coordination and communication


  • Increase Production and Lower Expenses to Maximize Profitability.
  • Predictive maintenance enablement
  • Continuous DC plant commissioning
  • Data accuracy validation


  • Minimize Downtime.
  • Reduce Equipment Failures.
  • Protect Asset Value.
  • End-to-end power plant maintenance (DC and AC)
  • Safety focus (pending ISO 45001 accreditation)
  • Spare parts, inventory, and supply chain management
  • Maintenance scheduling with grid operators
  • Development of plant-specific procedures
  • Night-time scheduled maintenance for lowest production impact.

Businesses pay their power bill month after month without hesitation. It is a must have cost. But is it really? The average business doesn’t realize the amount of money spent on their energy usage. For everyone it’s just a fact of life. Since the evolution of centralized electricity generation

The best benefit of solar power is that it can dramatically lower your electric bill from day 1! In fact, a properly sized commercial solar photovoltaic power system may be able to offset around 70%-100% of your electric usage. So, if you spent ₦10,000 last month, you might save 70%

Value lies in the ability to wear many hats in today’s renewable energy world. It means being large enough to take on development risks, experienced enough to navigate hurdles, and flexible enough to embrace whatever role is necessary to bring a project to market. Our experts have experience delivering projects over 80MW.

Solar Energy to control your energy costs.
With a vast experience and over 300 installations commissioned, Ninija perfectly controls the process from A to Z. It has been able to choose the best brands that exist on the market and has developed partnerships with banks so that every business owner can access the program.


  • Solar solutions to control your energy costs.
  • There are a number of benefits of solar power:
  • Probably the most significant is that you no longer are forced to pay that increasing electric bill. Solar can produce 70% or more of the power you need for daily life.
  • Installing a solar panel system will increase the value of your property.
  • Save the environment by reducing your carbon footprint.


Stop Paying High Utility Bill

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