Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA)

Competitive manufacturing demands greater operational efficiency and productivity of your industrial processes. Automation can take you there. But you’ll need the right partner to lead the way.

Custom automation equipment
From simple to highly complex machine solutions, we provide cost-effective and dependable custom automation equipment that supports your operational efficiency, productivity and safety objectives. Using the latest, state of the art manufacturing technology, Live Automation specializes in design, engineering, integration and retrofitting custom automation machines for your industry.

Automation software SCADA

Lean manufacturing objectives and modern industrial automation systems require reliable, easy to maintain PLC controls. Whether your requirement is for the automation of machines, additions or modifications to existing plant processes or a complete design and build package, our ability to work on numerous automation platforms allows us to expertly support your needs regardless of your PLC platform.

Automation solutions PLC & HMI

Clearly presented information, intuitive system controls and clear navigation are the core of good SCADA programming. Choosing the right SCADA system is paramount. If you’re implementing your first system, updating a current system, or simply looking for an integration partner to help you sort through the options, we can help you take the next step towards improving operational efficiency and performance.

Creative, customized, cost-effective industrial automation solutions.
Collaborate with our team of strategists, inventors, designers and engineers to gain a competitive advantage through industrial automation and control system solutions.

Custom machinery design & build

  • Design, engineering and integration of custom automation equipment for a variety of complex processes.
  • Automation and process controls engineering
  • Automation & process controls engineering
  • Automation of machines, additions or modifications to existing processes and complete design and build packages.
  • Consulting and platform integration
  • Consulting & platform integration
  • PLC control integration for new or existing platforms or complete control system migrations.
  • OEE – Overall Equipment Effectiveness
  • OEE – Overall equipment effectiveness
  • Fine-tune operations to reduce down time and improve production performance.
  • Retrofitting, upgrading, and migration
  • Retrofitting, upgrading, migration
  • Modernize existing equipment with retrofitting, upgrading or cross migrating using newer technology.
  • Field service, maintenance and troubleshooting
  • Field service & maintenance
  • Onsite field service and leading-edge remote monitoring and diagnostics capabilities to quickly identify and troubleshoot issues.

At Ninija, we come to work every day with the same goal – to provide our customers with the very best in industrial automation solutions, services and support.

Throw us a problem you can’t solve. We love a challenge!

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