Ninija Electric Limited warranty

Ninija Electric Limited warrants its installation work to be defect free for a period of six months from the day of the completion of the contract. Such does not extend to goods not supplied by Ninija Electric, like physical damage to products, or any instance where the original installation has been altered or tampered with subsequently by third parties.

Please read on below, for the full details of our Warranty Programs:

Introduction: Ninija Electric Company has been the most trusted name in electrical contracting in our area of operation. Now through a new warranty program, owner Ninija Electric says he’s willing to bank on that stellar reputation and his electricians’ expertise. Through one, three and six months warranties, Ninija Electric hopes to emphasize the impeccable workmanship you’ll only find at The Ninija Electric Company.

1 month “True Power” Warranty: The conventional one month warranty, also know as the “Ninija True Power Warranty,” excludes those items that could not last at the period of month, such as light bulbs, but covers the traditional wiring components. This warranty is the cornerstone of our reputation to always satisfy our customer’s needs.

3 Months “Platinum Power” Warranty: The three months “Ninija Platinum Power Warranty” is an extended warranty program that will allow the owner a feeling of comfort that they will not be hit with any additional costs to repair work that was put in within the last three months. This warranty program would require a visit to the home or business to check on the work that was performed and to make sure the work is in safe working condition. If problems are found they are repaired at no additional cost to the owner. They would also enjoy knowing they had a commitment by Ninija Electric to respond to any of their concerns with the work under warranty within five hours, seven days a week and without concern for overtime costs since it is a warranted item. The traditional wear and tear items, again those pesky light bulbs, are not covered unfortunately.

6 Months “Perfect Power” Warranty: The best extended warranty program in the business is the six months “Ninija Perfect Power Warranty.” This warranty is Ninija’ ultimate display of confidence in his electricians’ workmanship. The six months Perfect Power Warranty enables the owner to have complete confidence that that The Ninija inspection of the work is required so that any problems can be prevented before they happen which in turn prevents downtime and can be a scheduled visit. Ninija will make sure the electrical system is safe and operating at its designed efficiency. The same commitment will be there by Ninija Electric to respond to any concerns with our work within five hours, seven days a week and without concern for overtime charges. Again, the traditional wear and tear items will not be covered unfortunately.

The 3 and 6 months warranties will be offered to all New Construction Projects large and small, Residential and Commercial. All work is performed by Qualified Tradesmen who have been trained in Ninija’ four year apprenticeship program and who are not roadside electrician. Ninija employs only Professional Electricians and a diploma holder in electrical engineering who cherish their electrical trade and work hard to make sure customers are content that they have chosen the best!